Monday, 6 March 2017

The Giving Tree  

            I hated New York. Its litter, constant pollution and the fact that no one else cared. No one else helped the problem. I had enough, I was going stop it. 

About thirty years ago, I built a symbol in Central Park. The Giving Tree, that is what I called it. It took me roughly 20 years to build it.  The Giving Tree is a big hand with a tree in the middle.  It represents the Earth, in our hands and how we should take better care of it.  I want people to learn about taking care of our environment because if we do not, Earth will not last long. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Scream

I was walking into my room when suddenly the lights went out.  I heard a shrilling scream outside the window.  I sprang to it.  There was a person in black with a dagger on a guy’s throat.  My mind went through all of the possible ways to save him.  My heart told me to save him but my mind told me to stay in my room.  I was so scared.  I walked away to the window to inform my mom, but right then, another scream erupted. I turned around and the man was on the ground, bleeding. I was too late.

Friday, 3 February 2017


            They had asked me to paint them something. Something abnormal, something that everyone will remember. I had never been asked to paint something for a museum before, and could not mess this up. If all went well my painting could turn into a monument for all to see.  I kept thinking for hours and hours what to paint.  All of a sudden an idea struck my head.  I could paint five boats in a rain forest.  This painting can represent the impacts of over-fishing and marine pollution on the future of our planet and ecosystem.  A perfect display for our polluted world.