Friday, 3 February 2017


            They had asked me to paint them something. Something abnormal, something that everyone will remember. I had never been asked to paint something for a museum before, and could not mess this up. If all went well my painting could turn into a monument for all to see.  I kept thinking for hours and hours what to paint.  All of a sudden an idea struck my head.  I could paint five boats in a rain forest.  This painting can represent the impacts of over-fishing and marine pollution on the future of our planet and ecosystem.  A perfect display for our polluted world.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Cut Finger

            It was my first time making a meal for my family, so I decided to make carrot cake. I had all the ingredients and was ready to show off my new food until I got distracted.  I was cutting the carrots with my mauve, steel knife and all of a sudden I cut my finger.  I was tearful.  I screamed and moaned in pain.  My mom came in running.  She grabbed the phone from under the table and dialed 911 for the ambulance.  I was rushed to the hospital. I never cooked a meal for my family ever again.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


                    I was going upstairs to my room, when I suddenly heard sounds coming from the kitchen.  I was frightened.  Why were there sounds?  No one was home other than me.  I quietly crept downstairs to check.  No was there.  I thought I was just hearing things.  But, again I heard sounds.  I quickly went downstairs. I saw two weird creatures eating my leftover pizza.  My hands started to tremble and my whole body was shaking.  I could not speak.  As the weather changed, they disappeared.  What just happened?  Where did they go?  I was so confused.  

Thursday, 12 January 2017


            I opened the cemetery gates with my cold, clammy hands. It was midnight. As soon as I stepped through, my lungs closed up like they were being squeezed together, I could barely breathe. I turned on my flashlight and started walking forwards to the center, hoping to find the biggest tombstone. My palms were sweaty and I was losing grip on my saber. Suddenly, I heard a noise behind the bushes.  I looked back and saw nothing.  I continued to walk towards what I believed to be the center area. I realized I had been walking in circles.  I looked in front and behind.  Which way?